Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Senses - Sight

A year ago I bought my first pair of glasses that were not sunglasses because I was losing sight and couldn't read the tiniest writing I was used to reading all my life, like when you buy something at the chemist's and you're curious about where it was produced. And, all of a sudden, I couldn't see it anymore.

Sight had only given me a little problem before, when I took up photography. Once I was using what was then a modern camera, property of my uncle, and I couldn't focus on the tiny red numbers on the right inside the viewer, showing the 28- 56- 128- 256 angle lenses.

So, sight was the sense I never had to worry about. I just assumed it would be there in the same shape forever. At the moment, while I write this with my new pair of reading spectacles sitting on my nose, and I uneasily perceive their edges and the rest of the world around those edges, and everything else becomes blurred when I look at it through them, and I can only see it properly when I lower my glasses and look at it over them,... I wonder: what else have I taken for granted until now that may not last forever?

PS- I wrote this entry a while ago. I decided to publish it after reading a translation of  Aging of Eyes Is Blamed for Range of Health Woes  In it, I learnt about the concept of circadian rhythm and about how our eyes may be much more important than we think to our health. The article is from the New York Times and it was published in El Pais Thursday NYT supplement on 8th March 12 (not available online yet).

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