Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why am I blogging?

Some time ago I attended a talk about blogging by Paco Elvira, a professional photographer from Barcelona, whose blog you can see here. Having wanted to write all my life and always finding other more urgent things to do, that talk was inspiring. I am at my most productive when I have deadlines to meet, I thought. What if I set myself some and made myself meet them? You are welcome to contribute to this blog in any of the languages I will write in.

Why English? English is not my native language but my relationship with it started at an early age, maybe six. I went to a modern school and my first English teacher was young, had brown curly hair and wore metal glasses. So much I remember, and that his teaching us finished when he went to do his military service at El Aaiun when that African town was still part of Spain. After that, when I moved to my second primary school at the age of ten, they taught French but I somehow managed to keep my English active by attending private or semiprivate lessons at some club my mother sent me to. Thanks, ma.

After liking English through secondary school I last minute chose to study it. Before I began seriously (believe it or not, no English subjects were offered in the first year of my English degree), I decided I would go to live and work in the UK for a year, on my own, abroad for the first time in my life, at the age of nineteen. My life as an au-pair started, and that is another story. I guess I start this blog in English because what I do in English still makes me feel brave and courageous.


  1. I love the idea that English makes you feel brave and courageous. I know that Spanish makes me feel different, but I would be hard put to say exactly what the difference is. I must reflect on that.

    Looking forward to reading more.

  2. El fotógrafo Paco Elvira desapareció el 30 de marzo de 2013 para tomar fotografías de la costa y dos días más tarde encontraron su cuerpo sin vida despeñado en el macizo del Garraf. Aquí podéis ver la zona:
    Su blog sigue activo en julio de 2013 y no se menciona su muerte.
    Aquí tenéis la noticia en El País: