Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More musical thank you thousands (and 3)

I was very happy to have over a thousand visits, so after an initial A Thousand Thank Yous  I wrote some more artistic ones. By the way, both 107 and 997 are prime numbers ;)
Let the music play to thank my readers.....

A thousand years, by Christina Perri.

This song was part of the soundtrack of Twilight: Breaking Dawn. And it is very popular not only for this reason, but also because a very famous Malaysian blogger from this bloggers' community called Nuffnang  chose to propose to his girlfriend on a video blog using this song as the back music track. He twitted it and four million (yes, 4,000,000) people watched it.

A Thousand Oceans, by Tokyo Hotel 

Click on the photo to access the official song video on YouTube, which for some reason I couldn't link to from here. Maybe because of the boring commercial it includes? Tokyo Hotel is a successful band from Germany. They sang in German until Sony hired them. Read more about them in Spanish here

A Thousand Oceans (yes, same title) by Tori Amos

Tori Amos is an American singer and song-writer. She has a beautiful voice that reminds me of some Irish singers. According to Wikipedia, her maternal grandparents were of mixed European and Eastern Cherokee (native American, like Littleshell) ancestry, and she lives partly in the States, partly in Ireland now. This is her official website where she tells people about a number of interesting projects.

Ah! The part about Silbury Hill in her song, where she sings "You know that I will follow you
Over Silbury hill Through the solar field" was intriguing. Well, this is it...

It is part of the Stonehenge site, part of the English Heritage and of UNESCO's World Heritage, too. It covers an area of 5.5 acres. If that doesn't say much to you (as it didn't to me), it is the same as 22257.95  m2. I used this conversion gadget to know. Read more about Silbury Hill here.

The "More Thank Yous" part of the title referred to the beautiful habit to send Thank You cards or letters that we Spanish people do not share. You can read about How to Write a Thank You Letter here.

Amazinly enough, if you google "write a thank you letter", you get 161 million results, so I am not overdoing anything with my recent blog posts.

We are never thankful enough. The more you thank, the more you realize you could be more thankful more often.

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