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Can We Be Political in the Classroom?

Last Saturday I gave a talk at the APAC ELT Convention 2019 in Barcelona Thank you everybody for coming! :=)

I made a point that we are all political either by action or by inaction, and I promised I would share some resources to deal with current issues in the class and encourage students to participate. 

In the link (attention! it is case-sensitive and it is cc underline )
you will find three folders: 

General Name pairs - to be cut - Give a name or surname to each student at random so that they work with different partner each time - customize as you wish. [Idea taken from Mario Rinvolucri]
Pres. Card- sample of a card to fill in on the first day - swap with a partner and ask questions

International Days 
Worksheets - resources to be used  
November - Buy Nothing Day - [date changes every year] Relate to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Blue Monday
December 10 -  International Human Rights Day - Declaration in plain language 
January - Martin Luther King Day 
March 8 - Internatio…

Can we be Political in the Classroom? Critical Thinking Skills

Come to my talk at the APAC ELT Convention 2019 in Barcelona on Saturday 2nd February 12.45  - Campus Ciutadella, Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Aula 40012 -  See my next post for resources shared at the talk