Sunday, March 18, 2012

Littleshell The Connection

La siguiente entrada de blog es la versión en castellano de este artículo.

The name Littleshell I had chosen for this blog kept bringing surprises... I found a connection between between Little Shell and the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma because of some articles I had published years ago. Let me tell you the story.... 

Some years ago I worked for over two years on a team of investigative reporters led by Xavier Vinader  for the magazine El Temps. One of our best moments was when our article “The Clembuterol Connection” was awarded a Prize by the Institut Català de Consum. Our thesis was that Catalonia was a hub for the production and traffic of illegal cattle fattening drugs.

Xavier received the Creu de Sant Jordi in 2007 and now has a radio programme in which he interviews police officers.

Another report we published dealt with the bombing of the Alfred P. Murray federal building in Oklahoma a 2000-kilo home-made fertilizer bomb in which 168 people died and over 800 were injured.

At first an islamic fundamentalist attack was suspected, but the killer proved to be a white American, Timothy McVeigh. You can read about him in Wikipedia.

McVeigh, who blew up the building on the second anniversary of the tragic siege of the Branch Davidian sect in Waco in revenge for it, was a militia movement sympathizer.

One of the definitions of militia in is "a body of citizens organized in a paramilitary group and typically regarding themselves as defenders of individual rights against the presumed interference of the federal government."
According to this movement, American democracy goes against truly American supremacy, based partly on the right to possess weapons.

You would not believe some of the material I bought and received from some of those militia groups. It included serious warnings that the federal government and its hostile army of civil rights supporters was going to invade the private houses of citizens who kept weapons at home and confiscate them. The numbered stickers behind highway signs (this is serious) indicated the route their tanks should follow, and that is why the free citizens of Montana had to be prepared to fight them. They had family weekend trainings where they all adults and children as young as eight wore camouflage uniforms and learnt to use weapons. Read more about the Militia of Montana here and other militia groups. Some of their sympathizers even believe that Timothy McVeigh is still alive and working as a CIA agent. 

Having said all this, the Anti-Defamation League (one of the most prestigious American civil rights organizations, against anti-semitism, racism and discrimination) lists the Little Shell Pembina Band as another of these extremist right-wing groups. End of the story about the name Littleshell :) 

So maybe, because I decided not to change my chosen name, you are an American militia-friendly soldier who is unwillingly raising my page-viewers stats. If you are, I'd like to hear your opinion.....

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